wtorek, 21 listopada 2017


Wear It:

Coat: Asos
Jumper: Primark
Jeans: ZARA
Shoes: VANS
Cap: Orginal Penguin 

Photo: Blondyneczka 

niedziela, 12 listopada 2017

Aznauri Spring/Summer 2018

GOLADAMIAN Spring/Summer 2018

Currently Trend: Coat

  Winter is come, on of the best thing what we can do is wear cosy. This season is good for take off your coat from wardrob or go to shop and buy a new. 
Designer  present as a lot of defferent shap, pattern and materials of catwalk.
   Most popular is classic gray, black, navy or camel colour. We can found too crazy platter or strong colour like red (colour of Winter season ). 
   If you dont know what you post to be choose look in fashion magazine where you have many deferent idea.  Or like My check  street, she tell you what is "IN" .